Dr. Neel Reddy

Dr. Neel Reddy


The impact a beautiful smile has on an individual’s self-confidence, and improved quality of life, motivated Dr. Neel Reddy to start Glo Braces. At Glo Braces we don’t just straighten teeth, we strive to create beautiful smiles; a smile that would empower an individual, to enrich the lives of people around them with their smile and leave a lasting legacy.

At Glo Braces, Dr. Neel Reddy looks forward to meeting you and your patients; and is excited about the prospect of improving your patient’s quality of life and creating a legacy of beautiful smiles. He is a firm believer in maintaining highest ethical standard and integrity; and treating everyone with empathy, compassion and respect.

Dr. Reddy as he is often referred to (although he would rather prefer his patients and colleagues call him “Neel”) attended the University of Alberta (U of A) Orthodontic Residency Program; where he graduated with a specialty certificate and PhD degree in 2015. He continues to be affiliated with U of A conducting patient-centered research to find new ways to improve patient care. His research is focused on finding innovative radiation-free imaging solutions. This is one of the ways he gives back to the community with the knowledge and wisdom he has gained over 20 years of patient care. When he is not doing smile makeovers, he is always looking for opportunities to master his skills as a smile makeover specialist. He is an invited member of the exclusive Pitts Progressive Orthodontic Study Club; where a select group of nerdy orthodontists are finding new ways to excel in creating beautiful smiles.

After living in Edmonton for 16 years, Dr. Neel Reddy moved to Truro this summer to raise his two boys in the same community his niece and nephew grew up. He is excited to be part of the vibrant community of Truro and surroundings and is thrilled to raise his family and giving back to the community that he has made his permanent home. Outside of work and Orthodontics, he keeps himself busy with his two boys Arya and Avi; and is learning that parenting like Orthodontics is individualized to each child and there is no cookie-cutter recipe to it.