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GLO Braces provide top notch service and quality of care in a friendly and welcoming environment.


Dental Braces

Clear and invisible braces for kids,
teens, and adults.

Our team of experienced Orthodontists and staff members will work with you to identify your goals and provide you with the best state-of-the-art personalized treatment to achieve your beautiful healthy smile.




You don’t have to let trouble spots with your smile slow you down.

Glo offers you the chance to access the best in orthodontic care in a modern atmosphere with innovative techniques and understanding staff.

We care about your comfort and your confidence. Let us help you show the world your beautiful smile.

Your authentic smile starts today. Book a consultation to find out how Glo can help you feel your best.


Our mission is to provide high-quality orthodontic care to our patients in Nova Scotia and empower them to achieve optimal oral health and self-confidence.

We also strive to be an active and supportive member of our community, contributing to the well-being of Truro and the surrounding area through our involvement in local organizations and our commitment to social responsibility.

As a business in Nova Scotia, we are committed to upholding the values of the province and making a positive impact on the people and places of Truro and beyond.


Our vision is to be a leader in the orthodontic field in Nova Scotia known for providing the highest quality care to our patients and being a positive force in our community.

We aspire to be a model for other businesses in the town of Truro, setting the standard for excellence and social responsibility and making a positive impact on the people and places of Truro and the surrounding area.

Benefit from the best names in orthodontic treatments including:

Light Clear Bracket Orthodontic Clinic Moncton, Dieppe